LOOK What Obama Said About the True Meaning of Christmas…

Obama is hilariously and tragically entrenched in far-left liberalism. He can’t even see Christmas for what it is.

President Obama said that the holiday special, A Charlie Brown Christmas, shows us the true meaning of Christmas: “They teach us that tiny trees just need a little love and that on this holiday we celebrate peace on Earth and good will toward all.” What do you notice about Obama’s initial comments regarding Christmas?

If you answered that he left out the fact that the Linus character in Charlie Brown actually discussed how the Christmas season has everything to do with the birth of the Christ-child, then sadly, you are correct.

Of course, a liberal would leave out this important part of a Charlie Brown Christmas and pretend there is some environmental message, or some generic peace message, at the root of the holiday.

Any mention of the Lord is a dangerous proposition to a liberal. They are so beholden to political correctness that they have literally lost all common sense.

Fortunately for us, not everyone agrees with this ideology. There has been a mindset that has been much more popular during this holiday season, and that would be the declaration of “Merry Christmas.” In a nutshell, more and more people have been saying it this year.

This is a holiday where you simply cannot escape the fact that it is a religious holiday. Indeed, the very design of the word “Christmas” has it deliberately set up that way. The word is short for “Christ’s mass” and it was first used in 1038. (via The Catholic Encyclopedia)

Other groups have called it other names, including one group who termed it “Natuiteo” from the Latin for “nativity.” But, regardless of all the names it has been given, the TRUE meaning has religious ties. There is simply no denying that.

But while the President may not be interested in giving Christmas its historical due, literally millions of people are. Christmas is not just a time for family togetherness and good will.

It is not just a time for individuals to take a break from work, or give gifts, or have a lovely turkey dinner. It is not just a time to get a Christmas tree either. It is a time to celebrate that God inserted himself into history to change all of our lives. Liberals, that’s why there are so many nativity scenes among the other decorations!

The real meaning of Christmas is the birth of Christ. He is the reason for the season, and thankfully, at least the 45th President realizes that. I can’t say the same for the 44th.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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