Look Who Sanders’ Biggest Donor Is… There’s No Way He Wants This Getting Out

Democrat presidential candidate and self-declared socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has somewhat surprisingly run a rather successful campaign thus far, challenging former secretary of state and presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton when it comes to supporters, state primary wins, and most of all, campaign donations.

Sanders has done such a remarkable job bringing in donations that the Los Angeles Times recently undertook an effort to analyze exactly where his donations were coming from. The results actually weren’t that surprising.

The Times discovered that, as Sanders is so fond of claiming at his rallies, a significant portion of the donations to his campaign come from small-dollar donors, who contributed $200 or less.

A further study of those individuals who donated has revealed that slightly more than a quarter of the total funds came from people who are not in the work force, i.e. either retired or unemployed.

Sanders campaign donations

One example of those donors, who made up 28 percent of his total donations, as 40-year-old Emily Condit, a former NASA employee who lives off of Social Security disability payments due to physical ailments that prevent her from working.

“I know very well now what it’s like to be a have-not, both financially and physically, and to fall through the cracks of society,” Condit lamented. “Bernie Sanders is running on a platform to lift up the have-nots and to improve the system of government we have, so that no one will ever be left behind.”

The study also revealed that the bulk of Sanders’ donations come from his home state of Vermont, the Washington D.C. area, and the San Francisco Bay area. Though he also draws donations from large urban centers throughout the nation, the amount of donations from typically red states in the South and Midwest were dramatically sparse.

Sanders campaign donations map

Also unsurprising was the revelation that Sanders has only received about 2 percent of his total donations from Wall Street, which he routinely demonizes on the campaign trail and threatens to destroy through regulation.

The only real surprise out of this study was the unstated fact that you and I, as U.S. taxpayers, are supporting in a roundabout way the Sanders campaign that would raise taxes on us, as those supporters of his who aren’t working could very well be using their unemployment and Social Security checks to make political donations.

Of course, not everyone who is not in the work force is drawing unemployment or SSI payments from the government or using those payments to fund the campaign of an unabashed socialist.

That said, there quite likely are some who would use their taxpayer-funded subsistence to help support the candidate who promises to hand out even more taxpayer-funded freebies to those who aren’t working or feel they have been “left behind.”


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