Louisiana’s Toughest Cop Lays Into Obama for Playing Golf While His State Floods

On Tuesday, President Obama arrived in Louisiana to address the horrific flooding that has killed 13 and destroyed over 60,000 homes.

He said, in part:

“I come here first and foremost to say that the prayers of the entire nation are with everybody who lost loved ones. We are heartbroken by the loss of life.”

There are also still people who are desperately trying to track down friends and family we are going to keep on helping them every way that we can.”

Independent Journal Review wanted to know how people on the ground in Louisiana feel about the President’s visit.

We spoke with veteran police officer and candidate for Congress, Captain Clay Higgins.

Image Credit: Independent Journal Review/Captain Clay Higgins

Image Credit: Independent Journal Review/Captain Clay Higgins

He started by bringing up Trump’s low-profile trip last week:

“I think Mr. Trump’s response was completely appropriate. I think it was low profile and compassionate.

He didn’t present himself as some kind of savior. He just came in, met with the people he needed to meet with and displayed his compassion and concern.”

Then, he pointed out why he feels Obama’s trip lacks the same “compassion and concern”:

“And here the President came to Louisiana with great pop of circumstance and ego. He made the announcement a week out. He got here and had the trumpets blare.

He doesn’t care about South Louisiana. Enough people told him that he has to do this, so he decided to come down here and be among the South Louisianan people. Overall, it was a bother to him.”

Higgins said, however, that his feelings would be completely different if it didn’t take a week:

“If the man would have come last week, stopped his vacation and landed Air Force One, and he would have came here and visited with folks, and saw what is going on, and gave some love, I would have been the first heralding his performance.

Let me put it this way, as the floods were ravaging our state, I was hopeful that Obama might come down here.

However, knowing that he was golfing and not here, was disappointing to me. So then he came today with a well written statement that was prepared by someone else.

I don’t believe for one second that the man has it in his heart to communicate compassion and encouragement for the people of South Louisiana. Because if he had that, he would done it last week. He would stepped away from the golf course and had a press conference.

He would have turned on the cameras, had a furrow in his brow and a tear in his eye. He would addressed the situation and said this is how we are going to help. But he didn’t do any of that, he continued to play golf and ignore the crisis we are facing in our state.”

He explained what the people in South Louisiana are doing to move forward:

“Look, this has been a hard, hard ten days. We are recovering in spite of the federal government, not because of it. We are recovering because of the spirit of love and brotherhood and compassion and strength. We are recovering because we are confident that better days our ahead.

We are recovering because of the spontaneous acts of good will and dedication of time and labor. There is a massive movement of churches and their efforts have dwarfed the aid of the government and Red Cross.

The only time the federal government has been involved they have been in the way, and that doesn’t exclude the current Commander-in-Chief.”

Higgins added:

“If Chicago had been flooded, Obama’s hometown, the media would have covered it on a massive level. And Obama would have been there on day one.”

Then, he gave Obama some advice about his late appearance.

“He should have just kept golfing instead of coming here,” Higgins said, “because he missed the window where it could have mattered, where it could have been presidential, and where it could have really made a difference.”

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