Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Goes On MUST-SEE Rant…Tears Obama Limb From Limb Like Nobody Has Before

Talk about connecting the dots — or in this case the blood stains — in a direct, deliberate and damning way.

That’s what Fox News Strategic Analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters has just done — linking the weekend bloodbath in a Florida nightclub with Barack Obama’s repeated refusal to identify radical Islamic terrorism as the evil enemy of America and the rest of the civilized West.

President Obama’s “failure to do the essential things that had to be done led us directly to this tragic massacre of Americans in Orlando,” declared the retired Army officer.

Charging that Obama “doesn’t seem to learn anything, ever,” Peters told Fox Business host Stuart Varney:

“Here’s a president, who, after almost eight years in office, still can’t say the words Islamist terror or radical Islam, and it matters, and here’s why it matters.”

“How can you declare war on an enemy you won’t even name? And we need a declaration of war against radical jihadi groups. That enables us to do many things.”

A strident critic of Obama’s foreign policy and war-fighting strategy, Lt. Col. Peters laid it on the line, in blunt and brutal language, saying that identifying and targeting Islamists as the bad guys is essential. When asked about Secretary of State John Kerry warning the worst thing to do would be to point fingers at “one religion or another” in the wake of the Orlando terror attack, Peters took dead aim at Kerry’s politically correct posturing.

“I guess we should worry about bloodthirsty Unitarians, right? And how about rampaging Catholics? And Jews going into kindergartens and crying, ‘This one’s for Yahweh?’” the Fox News analyst said with dripping sarcasm. “It doesn’t happen like that…. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but virtually all terrorists are Muslims today.”

Earlier Monday, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump doubled down on his call for President Obama to resign immediately because of his dangerous refusal to say the three words “radical Islamic terrorism” — because he failed to declare that is the real global danger that led to the massacre in the Pulse nightclub.

By clicking on the video below, courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon, you can watch Ralph Peters basically agree with Trump — that Obama is “the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

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