MAGIC HAPPENS When Ben Carson And Mike Huckabee DOUBLE-TEAM Hillary On LIVE TV

Leave it to some of the best political personalities to prove once and for all that Hillary Clinton should be disqualified from the Presidential race.

Tucker Carlson was filling in for Sean Hannity on his own show over the weekend and he invited on Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee, both former Presidential candidates this election year. Carlson asked them both about the latest Hillary lie-fest when it comes to her not remembering about classified information, being trained on it, and the destruction and loss of laptops and ipads from her time as Secretary of State.

You guessed it, they weren’t buying it.

I don’t know about you, but my favorite line from the whole interview happens just 30 seconds in and it’s from Carson. He said, “If she wasn’t able to remember that, she certainly isn’t capable of performing the duties of the President. Damn straight!

Is it just me, or should Hillary Clinton just be taken out of the race? Everything she says oozes with a mist of lies and holier-than-thou snark. She is the least qualified and the most impeachable Presidential candidate in American history. Carson knows it, Huckabee knows it, we know it.

Know how to prevent her from getting there? Voting Trump in November.


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