MAJOR Attack in Chicago- 65 Shot 13 Dead

So far this year over five hundred people have been murdered in Chicago, Illinois. A state and city which is largely known for its gun and gang violence issues despite having the largest rate of gun laws. Labor Day weekend left 65 people shot and injured and 13 dead. A staggering number but not surprising considering these numbers spike up every holiday weekend.

Chicago Violence

This was one of the deadliest weekends this year in Chicago thus far. The weekend holiday pushed the number officially to 500. Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson commented to reporters this past Tuesday saying.

We need to enact tougher penalties, so these individuals know their actions will not go without consequences. Until then, you’re going to keep seeing the same results on the streets.”

He went on,

Impoverished people, people without hope do these kinds of things.”

The Chicago Tribune reported that Johnson had,

acknowledged that the fallout from last year’s release of the Laquan McDonald video, and the amplified distrust between the police and African-American community, doesn’t make it easy for his officers.”

When speaking about the law enforcement officers themselves Johnson spoke on their behalf saying,

Of course, they’re human. They’re people. So of course, nobody wants to be the next viral video. These officers have families to take care of too.”

However, it is not just gang violence killing people. Average joes are coming in between the cross fire too. A 47 year old gentleman was walking his dog outside when he was shot and subsequently died as a result of the injuries he sustained. Prior to his death he was able to tell the police that he had heard gunfire in the background which had been coming from a vehicle close by just before he was shot down.

In another tragic incident police responded to the murder scene of an 80 year old pastor who had retired. They answered the call early on Labor Day morning. He had been shot in the face just outside his senior assisted living community home.

All of the major cities in the United States combined do not have the murder percentages and gang violence that Chicago has. It is coincidently the hometown of President Obama. A major supporter of gun control. But as African Americans are being murdered in the street you don’t see people protesting or Black Lives Matter activists.

It seems as thought black lives matter only when it is convenient for them to capitalize off of it because if they really cared they would be advocating for those African Americans who are victims of inter race violent crime.

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