Majority of Americans want immigration ban on Sharia supporters

Almost six of ten Americans say visitors and immigrants who support Islamic sharia ideology should be excluded from the country, according to the latest polling.That could be good news for Donald Trump, who is urging a comprehensive reform of border and anti-jihad strategies to exclude many supporters of Islam’s sharia ideology from entering the United States.

The poll of 803 registered voters was conducted by OpinionSavvy, via telephone, using automated questions, and with a margin of error at 3.5 percent. The pollsters’ question pushed past the media’s normal refusal to distinguish between Muslim people and Islamic ideology, by focusing its questions on Americans’ attitudes towards the sharia ideology of Islam.

Hopefully the majority of America understands that due to our immigration law that still runs things today passed in 1952, states that anyone supporting a foreign law to overtake American law in America shall not be granted immigration into the United States. These Americans that were pulled understand that Sharia Law is un-Constitutional per the 1952 immigration and nationality act.

Muslims in America trying to make cities and local governments to practice this Islamic law of Sharia are all committing a crime, because Sharia goes against common national law of the homeland. The people who must be kicked out of our country first and deported are all Muslims who want Sharia Law in America, because a foreign faith based law in America is illegal. Sorry Muslim sympathizers in America if this offends you but not really.

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