Man Dresses As Transgender, Walks Into Women’s Bathroom… Here’s What Happens Next [VID]

Popular YouTube phenom Joey Salads has come up with another social experiment that is sure to make liberals heads explode!

When liberals started embracing MEN WHO PRETEND TO BE WOMEN we have faced the issue of gender neutral bathrooms. Yes, the libs want equality for everyone and for that, there comes a huge price.

So Salads decided to dress up like a transgender person and go into women’s bathrooms to test how the women would react.


Here she is…err he.


Check it out!

Transgender in Women’s Bathroom (Social Experiment)

YouTube video via JoeySalads

As you can see, most women are uncomfortable with this, and rightly so!

Look, I don’t have a daughter but if I did, I wouldn’t want a man in the restroom or shower with her- period!

The likelihood of serious problems arising, from perverted incidences of “voyeurism” to actual rape is increased by 1000%. It’s a no-brainer.

If you are confused about what bathroom to use then unzip your pants and take a good look. If you’ve got one then you USE THE FRICKING MEN’S ROOM YOU FILTHY, DEMENTED FREAKS!

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