Man Who Trump Called “My African-American” Responds, Tells Truth Nobody Expected

In recent days Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, has taken a lot of flak for comments that many people have perceived to be racist.

CNN reported that the man in a crowd at a Trump rally who Trump referred to as “my African-American” has come forward stating that he has no problem with Trump’s statements and is actually glad Trump pointed him out.

Gregory Cheadle, who happens to be a Republican California congressional candidate, told CNN he doesn’t understand critics who called Trump’s comment racist.

“The overwhelming majority of people felt offense, which kind of startled me. Wow, we’re so polarized and sensitive in this country now. It’s frightening,” he stated.

Cheadle thought it was good that the media is forced to pay attention African-Americans supporting Trump, because it gives a voice to a group that is often overlooked.

“I was thrilled that he gave blacks positive press by talking about one of the (supporters) that was at his event,” Cheadle explained.

While Trump probably could have phrased the way he pointed out Cheadle better, Trump meant no harm by it and was simply trying to dispel the media’s narrative that he is loathed by all African-Americans.

Trump has been dogged by claims of racism during his entire campaign because of various remarks, or tweets, that are perceived by many as being racist, xenophobic, sexist and every other word liberals use to silence conservatives.

Part of Trump’s appeal has been his off-the-cuff speaking style and his lack of a teleprompter at most events. A side effect of this authentic way of speaking is that Trump occasionally says something that was phrased poorly.

Despite what the liberal media would like everyone to think, Trump isn’t a racist and he actually does have support among African-Americans and Hispanics.


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