Marco Rubio Pulls A Trump And Goes On Late Night Twitter Rant…Look Who His Target Is

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has been out of the GOP presidential race since getting run over by the Donald Trump Train in the Sunshine State’s primary in the middle of March, but that hasn’t kept his name from being mentioned as a possible running mate for the all-but-certain Republican nominee.

The talk about a Trump-Rubio ticket — however unlikely it might seem after the nasty and unusually personal primary fight between the two men — caused such a stir from a Washington Post story over the weekend that Trump felt it necessary to turn to Twitter to rule out Rubio specifically.

And that in turn led to yet another Washington Post piece about “5 people who are never going to be Donald Trump’s vice president.” That second story was apparently too much for Rubio to stomach, and he took to Twitter late Monday night himself — a la Trump — to get his reaction off his chest. But his target might have surprised political observers.

Rubio didn’t bash the billionaire businessman who defeated him in his home state. Instead, he slammed the media, and those who talk to reporters pretending to know more than they actually do.

Here’s a sampling of what Marco let fly on social media:

Actually, what’s funny is that Rubio tweets in almost compete sentences. His voice comes through loud and clear.

Rubio clearly doesn’t like the unnamed sources feeding these speculative articles.

To his credit, Rubio closed off the rant with a bit of a laugh — and a hint that there’s still serious work to be done before he leaves the Senate seat he vacated to run for president.

But Rubio wouldn’t be the politician he is — a man who mounted a strong run for the Republican nomination in 2016 and might well again in the future — if he didn’t leave a nugget of uncertainty buried in his Twitter tirade.

That could mean he doesn’t have any interest in running for the presidency again (unlikely, since it’s what he seems to have been pursuing that goal since middle school). He will run, but he’ll do it from outside elected office (possible but unlikely). Or he’s aiming for something completely new.

Either way, the laughter in the senator’s voice comes through, loud and clear.

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