Mark Zuckerberg loves Trump’s wall – for himself, of course

Mark Zuckeberg doesn’t like the idea of “walls”, but house is like a fortress says neighbors:

Zuckerberg apparently bought four houses surrounding his home last year, for an estimated $30 million. Which gives him a lot of clout when it comes to new people moving into the area.

Theoretically, that’s enough space for one spectacular moat.

The Chronicle reports the rash of “no parking” signs in the area have kept many neighbors from parking outside their own homes over the past 17 months.

I’m guessing Zuckerberg somehow got himself elected president of the local homeowner’s association. There’s also round-the-clock security.

“This is nothing short of a fortress,” one homeowner reportedly said. The person supposedly asked that their name not be used, presumably because they’re scared of people with more money than Europe.

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