Massive Trump Enemy SURRENDERS… Makes Huge Move To Help Trump Win

After Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican nominee one week ago, several anti-Trump groups promised that they would keep on fighting against him — even if it meant Hillary Clinton became president.

But Politico has reported that one key anti-Trump donor appears to have seen the light and is now backing a pro-Trump super PAC, despite his misgivings about Trump.

Stanley Hubbard, a billionaire broadcasting executive, previously gave $10,000 to the Our Principal PAC — a group who’s sole purpose in life was to deny Trump the nomination.

But Hubbard explained that he was now backing the Great America PAC , a pro-Trump PAC, because now that it is just Trump in the field he has to support him, as the alternative to Trump is far worse.

“All of my favorite candidates dropped out one by one. We’re down to my least favorite candidate. And my least favorite candidate is better than Hillary Clinton in terms of what’s best for the country,” he explained.

This is the sentiment felt by a great many Republicans who are begrudgingly starting to back Trump’s campaign. The American people have spoken, they say, so they have an obligation to support the candidate.

“I’m very happy to get behind Mr. Trump. He’s our best hope at this time,” Hubbard stated. “He’s our candidate. There’s no point in crying about it.”

Not all Republicans share this sentiment, however. Several key establishment Republicans, and even a few notable conservatives, have refused to back Trump, saying they could not endorse his rhetoric.

Some Republicans, like House Speaker Paul Ryan, have stated that they can’t support Donald Trump yet, because they want to be sure he will follow the Republican agenda before they jump on the Trump train.

The Republican Party needs to be unified in November if it is going to defeat Hillary Clinton. As of right now, that unification looks problematic — but we still have a half a year to go.

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