Mayor Refuses To Resign Over Stating That Obama is a Muslim Who Has “Destroyed the Fabric of Democracy”

In a country where so many people are being strong armed out of positions of power because of what they believe in, it’s nice to see a political figure who refuses to back down. And no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump. The mayor of a northern city in Wisconsin is refusing to back down after members of city council called for his resignation for comments he posted on Facebook. The alleged posts referred to President Obama as a Muslim who has “destroyed the fabric of democracy”.

Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen took his stance, calling the issue a matter of free speech, posting the comment on his personal computer on his own time. It’s funny how liberal activists and politicians are allowed to speak their minds, but when somebody who disagrees with them does the same thing, the pitch forks and torches come out. Hagen believes that if the people of the community feel offended at his comments, they would vote him out of office. Well there’s a concept right there . . . actually letting people speak for themselves. That’s something liberals know very little about.

City Councilor Graham Garfield called Hagen’s post inappropriate and offensive, saying it was untrue about Obama’s religion. However, he failed to produce any evidence to the contrary.

“Sure he’s entitled to free speech,” Garfield said. “But elected officials are held accountable for stupid things they do and say.”

Hagen said he’s only known Obama to be connected with a church where the pastor cursed America, and said after Obama was elected he “ran around the world apologizing to Muslim nations.” Hagen also said Obama refuses to call the Islamic State group “radical terrorist Muslims.”

Obama in 2008 denounced the reverend who made those comments about America. He also has said Islamic State terrorists don’t represent Islam.

Garfield was flanked by three council members on Monday, who called for Hagen to retract his statement or step down. Let that image sink in for a second. It sounds like a scene from a zombie film, only in this case, the zombies are “politically correct”.

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