McDonalds’ REFUSES To Serve Cop’s Family, What Happened Next Will Make You HOWL

McDonald’s employee: “I don’t serve police officers.”

An off-duty cop only wanted to grab some food with his two kids. He wasn’t in uniform, but she recognised him as a cop. Everything changed when the manager heard about it:

BRENHAM, Texas – An off-duty Brenham police officer was refused service at a restaurant for being a police officer.

He was with his family at the time of the incident.

The Brenham Police Department created a Facebook post that read in part, “We know this was an isolated incident that involved a single employee who is not fond of law enforcement.”

Police Chief Craig Goodman said the incident happened at the McDonald’s at 500 Hwy 290 West in front of HEB.

“Her son is in custody for a serious offense and she just doesn’t have a pleasant view or a positive view of law enforcement,” Chief Goodman said about the employee.

Goodman said the owners of the restaurant were “disheartened” about the incident when they learned about it.

The off-duty officer ended up eating at the chain, after another employee stepped in. The employee who refused to serve him was fired immediately after the incident.

Despite the actions of the employee, Goodman reflected on the situation.

“The actions of that one employee do not reflect the beliefs or opinions of management, the owners, or the McDonald’s company as a whole. We would like to thank the owners of McDonald’s for their continued support and for seeing that this issue has been resolved.”

H/t: Clash Daily

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