Mega GOP Donor & Top CEO announces his support for Trump

Donald Trump often speaks about reaching out to great business leaders and asking them to help with crafting better trade deals with China and Mexico.  Now one of the biggest and most successful CEO’s in America has announced his support of Trump. 

Ken Langone is an investor and co-founder of Home Depot who had previously stood with the Kasich campaign, but in an interview with CNBC on the day John Kasich withdrew from the race, Langone said he is definitely ALL IN, if Donald Trump is the nominee.

He is confident Trump can beat Hillary Clinton in a general election, and said of a Trump presidency, “And you want to know something? I think he’ll do a hell of a good job.”

He was asked, if we do have a President Trump, what is it going to do to the business world and the stock market?  Langone responded, “The biggest need we have in this country – we’ve got to get rid of these insane regulations that serve no purpose at all, and Trump will do that.”

Bill with CNBC asked how would a President Trump ever get anything done with everyone in Congress against him?

Langone said, “Let me tell you what… if this congress doesn’t get it, that the American people are fed up with the political class, they deserve to go home too, and they will!   The American people are saying “We’ve had it!  We had enough of all these professional politicians.  We had it with them making promises, and things only get worse – they don’t get better.”

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