Megyn Kelly calls Donald Trump ‘complimentary and kind’

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly just finished taping their exclusive interview. Both had good things to say about one another.

The Daily Mail reports:

The feud between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly seems to have taken a rather unexpected turn as the two have no begun to rave about one another – and are even starting to sound like friends.

In an interview with People Kelly spoke about meeting Trump at his Fifth Avenue penthouse last month to try and convince him to do her upcoming special following some of the less than kind things he has said about her in the press.

‘He could not have been more gracious. He was very complimentary and kind,’ said Kelly.

Trump meanwhile said of the Fox News host; ‘I have great respect for the fact that Megyn was willing to call me. Few people would have been able to do that.’

He then went on to shower her with praise, saying; ‘She has natural showbiz ability with unlimited potential. I know people will enjoy [the interview].’

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