Megyn Kelly Hits a New Low, Tells THIS Lie about Trump Supporters

Fox News “reporter” Megyn Kelly has been firing at Trump for months now, but I think she just went a little too far with her latest tweet. This is something that could absolutely bury her and make her the next “has been” in news industry.

Scanning her Twitter account, I found this little tidbit… “Ben Domenech: If Trump supporters want to come to Cleveland & riot…let them & they will find out what the party of law & order is all about.”

Now, call me silly, but that sounds like a threat!

You know what else is funny, I haven’t seen her come close to making a threat like this to organizations like Black Lives Matter on record for saying they WILL come to Cleveland to STOP the convention if Trump wins the nod.

And, after all her talk about the freedom of speech, is she insinuating Trump supporters do not have a right to voice their displeasure and protest?

Remember the riots after Ferguson? The same riots that were explained away by the media as the community simply expressing itself?

Now, while I do not endorse rioting, nor do I expect Trump supporters to do so, I would like to point out the hypocrisy of Megyn Kelly as well as the double standard.

She whines to anyone that will listen how her feelings are hurt for merely doing her job, then she unleashes a tweet like this to incite both Donald Trump and his supporters.

Yes, this sounds like a very grounded news anchor capable of not taking sides and simply reporting the news.

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