Megyn Kelly Reveals What Trump Is Like Behind The Scenes, Then Drops Fox News Bombshell

Ever since she asked the first question at the first Republican debate last August, the media has been hyper-focused on the feud between Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump. For months, it seemed like no peace was going to settle between them. The real estate mogul slammed her with numerous insults over Twitter, and referred to her reporting as “second-rate.”

But last month, Kelly decided to have a sit down with Trump in his New York tower. The interview will be part of a prime-time special Megyn Kelly Presents airing on Fox May 17.

Kelly realized they would have to clear the air if an interview like that were to ever happen. She explained why the process took a couple of months.

“I had wanted to reach out to Trump since August, but I kept waiting for him to not be angry,” Kelly said. “I didn’t think he’d say yes, and I didn’t think it would be a good interview if he was still angry. And just when I would think he was past it, he would start up again. Then in April, there was a two-week lull, so I reached out.”

Upon leaving the meeting, she reported, “I was a little nervous to go into Trump Tower that day, because I didn’t know what to expect. But from the moment I entered his office, he could not have been nicer.”

Kelly wouldn’t give any specifics about what was discussed during the one-on-one interview. “I won’t say it wasn’t awkward, but there was nothing acrimonious between us. It felt like a journalist talking to the candidate about the race,” she said.

As far as speculation that Kelly is looking to leave Fox News when her contract is up next year, all Kelly would say is, “It’s a fickle business and anything can happen.” But she stated Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes had taken good care of her during her 12 years at the network and she was happy there.

She’s currently in the process of writing a book that is due out in the fall.

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