Megyn Kelly STUNS Audience… Makes Remark About Trump And Women Nobody Expected

No one may ever know the true relationship between Fox News star Megyn Kelly and billionaire businessman Donald Trump, though the two have shared the spotlight over a squabble regarding the likely GOP nominee’s harsh demeanor.

Kelly’s comments on Tuesday did clear up the long-standing question in some people’s minds about why and how women could support Donald Trump after his campaign attacked Heidi Cruz, however.

“The comments about women, I don’t think women love that. But I don’t know that it’s going to drive their vote,” Kelly said, according to The Hill.

Trump came under fire when his campaign issued an unflattering picture of Heidi Cruz, seeming to portray her as inferior to Trump’s former model wife. The campaign piece was supposedly payback for an attack originating from a third party that showed Melania Trump posing naked for a magazine, suggesting that was not fit to serve as the nation’s first lady.

“I think if Trump behaves himself and acts presidentially, and isn’t so much of a bully, which women tend to not appreciate, either, he can move those numbers a bit,” Kelly added, referring to Trump’s generally unfavorable rating with women voters.

With Trump the presumed Republican nominee, barring some kind of oddball tactic from establishment Republicans at the party’s July national convention, his greatest vulnerability may be exactly what he has to face. As Hillary Clinton will likely be the Democrat’s candidate, Trump will be forced to find a way to attack a woman without other women seeing him as acting unfairly.

Trump could look to soften his image by bringing on a woman vice presidential running mate or by attacking Clinton through surrogates like Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter, both of whom are known to be vocal supporters of The Donald’s candidacy.

And if Megyn Kelly’s descriptions of Trump’s behavior soften a little bit, too, well… so much the better.

H/T Western Journalism

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