Melania Trump DEMOLISHES The Clintons in the classiest Way Possible

We are not into fashion but this is something you want to hear about.

Melania Trump in a classy way is smashing all attacks to her husband after the sex talk tape was released.


Melania Trump wore a Gucci blouse called a “pussy bow” to the second presidential debate.

The potential First Lady’s wardrobe choice came as her husband faced blistering criticism over a recorded conversation in 2005 in which he joked about groping women. One of the words he used included a crude reference to the female anatomy.

In addition to apologizing several times since the video emerged, Trump also pointed at former President Bill Clinton’s behavior towards women and the way in which Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton treated his accusers.

What a response to the Clintons attacking Trump for his words from 2005: “I just grab them by the pussy.”

After the debate, Melania Trump greeted Bill Clinton — wearing her pussy-bow, of course.

The Clintons attended the Trumps’ wedding several years ago, long before their political rivalry emerged.

Social media exploded after the debate with speculation about Mrs. Trump’s blouse. “If Melania Trump is trolling us, this would be the sickest thing ever. I detest conspiracy theories, but a man can still dream,” wrote Sky Palma of Deadstate.

A Trump campaign spokesperson reportedly said that Mrs. Trump’s sartorial choice was “unintentional.”

What a classy yet brutal response!

H/T: Breitbart

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