Mexican official on Orlando shooting: To bad it was only 50 and not 100

An official at the Ministry of Development and Social Integration in Jalisco, Mexico, was fired after lamenting that the death toll in Sunday’s jihadist attack on the Pulse LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida, was lower than it could have been.

“Too bad it was 50, not 100,” he wrote on his Facebook page.José de Jesús Manzo Corona posted the update on his page shortly after the news became global that Omar Mateen, a jihadist who associated himself with the Islamic State terrorist group, killed 49 people and injured as many in a mass shooting at Pulse. He immediately received backlash from Facebook friends – one immediately calling himself an “ex-Facebook friend” – and replied by apologizing “if I offended someone.” “I simply do not agree with gay ideology,” he added.

His original post included three emojis of faces crying with laughter in response to the killings. Hey Mexico that wall just got taller and thicker. You don’t want us to build the wall, yet when the worst terrorist attack happens since 9/11 one of your officials which it was 50 more dead. This idiot doesn’t even realize it was Latino nights at the club, so this man just basically wished that more people of Mexican heritage were dead in this Islamic terrorist attack.

These words tell us everything we need to know about Mexico. Build that wall higher to piss off the Mexican government Trump, because a Mexican official wished their were more deaths at the gay nightclub because he’s anti gay.

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