Michelle Completely Ticked After Congress Takes Her Down a Notch With EPIC Surprise

Congress has finally taken a step toward putting an end to one of the worst pieces of legislation of the past eight years, one that has first lady Michelle Obama’s fingerprints all over it — and you can bet she is fuming over it.

The U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee released bipartisan legislation on Monday that would revise meal standards that had been implemented in schools across across America over the last few years under Michelle Obama’s Hunger-Free Kids Act, according to The Daily Caller.

Should the legislation become law, schools would have much more flexibility in meal choices by easing stringent rules that require public school districts to purchase whole grains while severely limiting the amount of sugar, fat and sodium in meals.

Under current law, schools must use whole grains at least 80 percent of the time if they wish to receive federal school lunch money.

The problem has always been that children at school don’t like, and won’t eat, these meals. Instead of eating them, they toss them in the closest trash can, and the result is millions of tax dollars wasted.

In fact, many schools have opted to forgo federal funding and opt out of the program.

Would you expect anyone to eat something that looked like this?


Or this?

Which is why Michelle Obama’s lunch program should have been ditched a long time ago.

If the legislation passes in its present form, the Agriculture Department will be required to create new whole grain and sodium standards within 90 days.

The School Nutrition Association, an organization representing about 55,000 school food service employees across the country, supported the bill.

This isn’t the first time the organization attempted to work with Congress on legislation that eased meal regulations. Last year, the organization criticized the complex meal requirements, but the first lady vowed she would fight “until the bitter end” to maintain the school lunches that were so appalling, kids refuse to eat them.

Yeah, that’s a hill worth dying on.

This legislation has got to be tough for the first lady to accept. After all, she has spent her time in Washington believing that she knows what’s best for our families and our children, regardless of what we might have to say about it.

It’s about time she be put in her place.

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