Middle Eastern Illegal Alien Arrested At Border… What They Found Proves Trump Is RIGHT

For over a year now, Donald Trump has been saying that America’s unsecured southern border was a massive security risk that will someday be used by Islamic terrorists to smuggle fighters into the United States.

That day may have already happened, as Judicial Watch reported that an illegal alien was arrested in Luna County, New Mexico, with gas pipeline plans for the region.

The woman was Middle Eastern and was described by law enforcement as an “Islamic refugee.” She was caught during a traffic stop.

To put it simply, your average immigrant — or citizen, for that matter — doesn’t need gas pipeline plans. The only reason someone would have those plans was if they were employed by the gas company planning some sort of attack.

Blowing up gas pipelines would cause many casualties, assuming the lines were in a populated area, and could easily cause millions of dollars worth of infrastructure damage as well.

It is possible that this woman simply had the plans because she likes staring at gas pipeline plans, but the likeliness of that is about as high as Obama declaring war on “radical Islam” before he leaves office in January.

This incident just goes to show that Trump has been right all along. Having a wide open border, and a well publicized illegal immigration problem, is something that will be exploited by America’s enemies.

We may never know how many Islamic terrorists have infiltrated America using the southern border, but we do know that we can put an end to that by sealing off the border and deporting all the illegals we can find.

As Americans, we have the right to be secure and we have the right to have our needs put above those who break the law and come here illegally. That isn’t racism — it’s common sense.


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