Mike Huckabee Proves That Hillary Is Clueless On Absolutely Everything

BOOM! This is exactly what needs to be said about Hillary Clinton and her hypocrisy on the gun debate.

Hillary Clinton is a high profile figure. She is protected and has been protected since she came into the public eye in the 1970s. As she’s run her campaign, she’s called for more gun laws, gun control, and has said that guns are bad on nearly every stage she’s spoken on. But what has been protecting her all this time? That’s right, guns.

The hypocrisy is ripe and Mike Huckabee just blew the whole thing WIDE open.

Clayton Morris told Huckabee that the New York Times ran a story on Trump’s latest comments about the Second Amendment, saying that he “once again raised the specter of violence against Hillary Clinton by suggesting Friday that Secret Service agents who guard her voluntarily disarm to ‘see what happens to her’ without their protection.”

Huckabee called the Times’ insinuation “utter nonsense.”

“He’s pointing out the absolute ‘Hillary hypocrisy’: Guns for me—good thing—guns for you—bad thing.”

“Since 1978 she’s be surrounded by people who’ve protected her, not with a notepad, but with guns.”

What happens if Hillary is attacked by some crazed psycho? She sure as hell isn’t going to take them down with tolerance and harsh words. It’ll be guns. This is the liberal mindset and it’s scary. They think that guns are the problem. THEY’RE NOT.

Wake up, idiots.

H/T: YesImRight.com

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