Military Experts: HORRIFYING Details Hidden In Dallas Video; This Changes EVERYTHING!

Black Lives Matter shot eleven in Dallas in the war on police last night.

Anyone who doubts that the movement is anti-police need not look further than their behavior – or how many despicably responded to the news on Twitter in celebrating. These are the kinds of people who attend their protests with shirts reading “Assata Taught Me” – as in convicted cop killer Assata Shakur.

Last night marked the deadliest day for American law enforcement since 9/11. Five police were killed in total in what was described as an “otherwise peaceful protest.” Yes – it was totally peaceful, except for all the killings.

Military experts are analyzing the available footage of the shootings last night, and the results are shocking. The shooters aren’t just some bozos – they appear to have been professionally trained. According to Business Insider:

Malcolm Nance, a combat veteran and retired US Navy Intelligence official, tweeted an analysis of one of the attacker’s tactics, caught on video, as he opened fire.

In the graphic video, the suspect can be seen firing on an unknown individual who had been hiding behind a pillar.

He continued, writing:

“Shooter not using off-hand shots, but good use of cover alternating engag. side. Mainly Double taps … Shooters intent on surviving. Had escape & evasion plan. Feels militia or Domestic terror grip trained in USA. Initial fusillade was numerous 4-6 shot groups. Mainly 4 shot. Several weapons. Not gang style.”

He added: “For anyone who thinks I’m calm. I’m VERY VERY upset. Went to SWAT school with civilian cops. This designed to incite civil war.”

And you know why there were no innocent civilians in what was legally a mass public shooting? Civilians aren’t who the shooters were targeting.

Three suspects are now in custody, and a fourth was killed by police.

How do we think liberals will respond to this one? When white supremacist Dylan Roof shot up a black church, liberals pushed to ban the Confederate flag wherever it existed.

With BLM radicals shooting up police, can we ban any symbolism of their movement now?

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