Moments after clinching the GOP nomination, Trump said Obama has done a terrible job, but he will fix it

Donald Trump thanked the people of North Dakota Thursday for helping him meet his delegate goal. In a strong show of support, the state’s delegates stood behind Trump during his televised remarks.

In a wide-ranging news conference, the Republican nominee answered questions on everything from President Obama’s job as leader to Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

Regarding Obama’s recent comments that foreign leaders are “rattled” by Trump’s rhetoric, Trump said that it’s a good thing that foreign leaders are rattled, as he plans to do things differently if he gets elected.

Trump said the president has done a terrible job.

Obama is a “man who shouldn’t be really airing his difficulties, and he shouldn’t be airing what he’s airing where he is right now,” Trump said, regarding Obama’s comments during his G-7 summit trip to Japan.

Trump said America has tremendous problems that he’s going to solve, and solve them fast.

When asked about his campaign adviser’s comment that Trump won’t select a female or minority vice presidential candidate because that would appear as “pandering,” Trump said that’s not exactly true.

“It’s likely that we would have someone female or minority, but we don’t do it for any reason,” Trump said. He added that he “fully expects” to have many women involved and he looks forward to having women involved at the “absolute highest levels.”

Trump weighed in on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, calling it “bad judgement,” but he said he wants her to stay in the race because he’s looking forward to running against her.

Trump’s path from real estate mogul to presidential nominee will officially be complete when the Republican Party holds its convention this summer.

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