Moments Before Hillary Speech, Reporters Hear “Throbbing Noise”… She’s Hiding Something

Hillary Clinton has done plenty of things to make sure that the message she peddles to party elites isn’t heard by the country at large — otherwise, she’d be unelectable. She took that to new heights in Colorado yesterday, where she used a white noise machine to emit a “throbbing noise” and ensure that reporters stationed outside an outdoor fundraiser couldn’t hear what she was saying.

The fundraiser was in Denver, at the home of Democrat Gov. John Hickenlooper, a superdelegate and Clinton supporter. According to The Denver Post, the top donor level at the event was $27,000.

However, the event was strictly for fundraising — Clinton had already lost the Colorado primaries, and by a fairly wide margin, to Vermont socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders. Thus, her speech in Denver was just for high-flying elites and Democrat functionaries.

Her remarks would have been interesting to hear, if anyone could hear them. After Big Head Todd and the Monsters played a set at the fundraiser (proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary and her campaign are stuck in the ’90s in almost every way imaginable), Hillary came on stage. And on went the white noise machines.

For comparison, here’s what it sounds like with the noise machine off.

Needless to say, reporters were miffed.

The incident seems to be emblematic of Hillary’s entire campaign. If you want to hear what she really thinks, you’d better get ready to pony up — up to $27,000, all to hear a speech and a band that was last popular two decades ago.

It’s worth pointing out that this isn’t the first time Hillary has used noise to confound reporters. She also has her campaign staff crank up the music after rallies so that reporters can’t easily ask her questions or record her responses.

It’s almost like she’s trying to hide from the American people. Maybe it’s time we demanded to know what she’s really saying behind closed doors.

H/T The Daily Caller

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