More Good Polling News For Donald Trump

A new national poll is showing good news for the GOP’s presumptive nominee Donald Trump. The poll, conducted by Morning Consult, shows the New York real estate mogul pulling even with his likely opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

According to the survey, Clinton and Trump are polling at 42% and 40% respectively. The difference between the two candidates falls within the survey’s 2% margin of error, making it essentially an even race. Clinton is down 2 percent from a week ago, while Trump has gained 2 points within the same timeframe.

Trump is also making gains amongst key demographic categories he’ll need to win the general election. Morning Consult writes:

The new poll shows Trump making gains among independents, women, and those who classify themselves as moderates. He increased his support among independent voters by 3 points, while Clinton’s support fell by 2 points. Support from women for the former Secretary of State also fell by 2 points, while Trump’s increased by 2 points. And among moderates, the new poll shows Clinton only holding a 10-point lead over Trump (46 percent to 36 percent), down from a 17-point lead (49 percent to 32 percent) in the previous poll.

Both Trump and Clinton have nearly identical unfavorables, with 41 percent of voters having a favorable view of Hillary, compared with 39 percent who have a favorable view of Donald Trump.

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