Mothers of Children Slain by Illegal Immigrants Protest along Paul Ryan’s Property Wall

After John Boehner resigned from the speakership late last year, Paul Ryan seemed to be the only Republican who could manage the requisite votes to become the new Speaker of the House. Not only did he have the support of moderate House Republicans, he was well-liked by a sizable amount of the far-right’s House Freedom Caucus, as well. Despite not wanting the position, Ryan accepted the job in the hopes that he could re-unite the Republican Party.

By any indication, it hasn’t gone as well as he had hoped.

One of the Republican party’s major issues with Ryan continues to be his relaxed stance on border security. Now, a group of women whose children were killed by illegal immigrants are gathering in front of Ryan’s home in order to protest the speaker’s opposition to the wall proposed by Donald Trump.

Paul Ryan has a wall around his house, but refuses to push for a wall on the country’s southern border. This isn’t sitting well with many women who have lost their children to crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

JANESVILLE, WI– On Saturday, American mothers who have buried their children as a result of illegal alien crime will be holding a press conference in front of Paul Ryan’s personal border wall that protects his family and his estate.
These “angel moms” say that Ryan has ignored the American families that have been torn apart by open borders for too long.

The press event is being organized by both the Remembrance Project—a non-profit that represents the victims of illegal alien crime and advocates for border security— and Wisconsin businessman, Paul Nehlen, who is running to unseat Ryan in Wisconsin’s August 9th primary.

Nehlen, who has been endorsed by several of the victims, has made Ryan’s support for open borders immigration policies a central focus of his campaign.

Nehlen has said that while Ryan protects his family and his home with a border wall, Ryan has denied the American people those same protections.

Last year, Ryan’s omnibus spending bill failed to provide funding for the completion of the 700 mile double-layer border fence that Congress promised the American public a decade ago. Earlier this month, Ryan would not commit to bringing up legislation to fund a wall along the southern border to protect America’s families– even as he was defending his use of his own personal border wall.

Ryan said that his border wall is a good idea for his family because he has “three dogs and three kids.”

Paul’s reasoning for his household wall makes sense — he wants to protect his dogs and his children. His understanding of this makes his refusal to push for a border wall even more perplexing. In both cases, the use of a wall is common sense, but Paul Ryan seems to possess this common sense only when it benefits his own family.

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