MSNBC Anchor Was Just Rocked To His Core During Live Trump Coverage – ‘Destroyed’

For Brian Williams, 2015 was a tough year. The veteran newsman was suspended from his longtime position as anchor of NBC’s Nightly News after it was revealed that he had embellished his coverage of the war in the Middle East. Williams claimed he had come under fire from rebel forces, but the helicopter pilots with whom he was flying said that wasn’t true.

In other words, Williams was let go for lying.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump brought up this fact Wednesday in his speech about Democratic presidential rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump attacked Clinton for saying that she “landed under sniper fire” during a visit to Bosnia in the mid-1990s, a claim that was later repudiated by news footage obtained from her landing and subsequent tarmac reception.

Calling Clinton a “world-class liar,” Trump reminded viewers of her “phony landing,” adding, “She said she was under attack and the attack turned out to be young girls handing her flowers.” The presumptive Republican presidential nominee called it “a total and self-serving lie.”

Trump then compared Clinton’s lie to Williams’ and said, “Brian Williams’ career was destroyed for saying less, just remember that.”

Williams, who was brought back as an anchor at MSNBC, was on duty when Trump made the comments mentioning him by name.

Williams side-stepped Trump’s personal reference and never addressed the comments, the Washington Times reported. Instead he turned to his MSNBC news contributors and asked for their take on Trump’s speech.

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