MSNBC Host Asks Women if They Feel Connection to Hillary, They Bellow Back ‘No!’

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle ran a bit of an experiment Tuesday morning, asking the women in a live crowd whether they felt a connection to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, only for them all to bellow back that they did not.

Ruhle was speaking with former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, a Clinton supporter, live from Longwood University. “Governor Granholm, last night, I had the very fortunate opportunity to hang out at a sorority house here at Longwood. And when I asked the women if they felt connected to Hillary Clinton, they were very, very proud to see a woman get the nomination, but they didn’t feel a connection to her,” she said.

“I want to actually ask the crowd behind me,” Ruhle said, spinning in her chair to face them. “So Hillary Clinton as a candidate, do you feel connected to her? I want to ask the women in the room.”

“No!” they all yelled back, as some shook their heads.

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