Multiple High Schools Stage HUGE Walk-Out Over TINY TRUMP SIGN

It was “Unity Week” at Forest Grove High School in Oregon, where about half the student body is Latino.  But it was not very unified when hundreds of students walked out of class and marched through the streets over a little “Build The Wall” banner that someone hung over a “unity” poster near the front entrance of the school.     

Trump Protest Forest Grove HS 1

“It was immediately taken down, within literally a minute or two,” one school official said. The school disciplined the two students responsible, but she declined to say how.  One of the guilty students wrote a long apology letter.   But too late… word spread quickly, and the protesting had already begun.

Hundreds of high school students walked out of class and marched down main street Thursday, protesting the racism of the little banner, all with the encouragement of the faculty and parents.  Students from at least seven neighboring schools came to join them on what turned out to be a 1.5 mile march.  Mexican flags were plentiful.  Police cruisers even closed off the streets to traffic, so the students could safely march.

Parents also came to watch.   One mother, who came from Mexico 5 years ago, said in Spanish, “The truth is, I think there is a lot of racism, and now it’s time for them to listen to us, all Hispanics. Don’t push us aside.”

Student Walk-Out Video:

Superintendent Yvonne Curtis gave a speech, fully encouraging the entire demonstration: 

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