Multiple Muslim Shop Owners Arrested After Police Raid Finds SICK Secret In Hidden Rooms…

The FBI recently stormed 16 different Maryland businesses and arrested 14 people, mostly Muslims, after months of strenuous investigation. What they found was the Islamist’s had quite the underground business they kept on the side. Now they are caught, and folks are not too happy with what they found.


The raids by the police were performed in Baltimore on numerous businesses that had been under scrutiny. It turned out as the investigation went further, they learned that all the businesses were linked and shared in their spoils.

$16,482,270. That is the amount of money that these business had accrued in a fraudulent food stamp ring.

According to the reports of the crime, these Muslim business owners had been changing food stamp benefits for cash at a lower price. Not only that, but in an attempt to conceal their tracks, the criminals would withdraw tiny amounts from EBT cards throughout the day until the set amount had been fully transferred over.

Unfortunately for the scammers, their plan stunningly boomeranged, and now they’re hopefully toying around with 20 years in prison fore every account of wire fraud, among other charges. It just seems that they couldn’t just use the stamps as they were intended to be used – brief help. but oh, that’s right, the government doesn’t want you off the it’s dole of the tax money.


“The food stamp program is intended to put food on the tables of needy recipients, not to put money in the pockets of greedy criminals,” a statement by U.S. Attorney Rod J. Rosenstein. “Honest store owners work hard to earn a profit by actually selling food, and food producers and distributors also benefit. People who play by the rules deserve to know that criminals who defraud them will be held accountable.”

All well in good in words, but let’s not pretend anything is going to be done to remedy the problem.

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