Muslim Brotherhood Founder’s Relative Sends Stunning Message To Trump – ‘The Islamic…

A former imam whose relatives are in the top ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood is urging Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to take bold, direct action to address the threat to America that is intertwined with much of Islamic theology.

Dr. Mark Christian of the Global Faith Institute has taken his campaign against radical Islam on line by drafting a petition he wants all Americans to sign.

By urging Americans to sign his petition to Trump, he promises to ask the Republican candidate to “take a stand to protect the American public and uphold the U.S. Constitution” from Islam.

The petition wants Trump to do four things:

— Require the Islamic institutions in America to admit the fault within the Islamic teaching and Islamic theology that led to the Orlando terrorist attack.

— Require that Islamic institutions discontinue speech and actions that victimize any group, whether they are LGBT, women, or peoples of other faiths.

— Demand they take drastic steps towards changing the Islamic message throughout the Islamic mosques in America to abide with the laws and the Constitution of the United States of America, and preach against violence, hatred and killings of LGBT, women and those who believe differently.

— If the Islamic community refuses, hold them complicit and accountable in perpetrating the anti-American rhetoric of Sharia and entirely responsible for every person wounded or killed as a result of any teachings in compliance with Sharia.”

“Obama is questioning the need of calling the threat ‘radical Islam,’” Christian said. “The Orlando shooter, Mr. President, was let go twice after an FBI investigation because they were looking for organizational terrorist links and not devoutness to a radical religion, but if they had done that we wouldn’t be mourning the death of 49 Americans now.”

Christian said authorities are wrong to consider gunman Omar Mateen an aberration for some of this activities.

“The shooter beating his wife and abusing her doesn’t make him a mentally disturbed man but proves him a very devout Muslim who is abiding with the Quran teaching of disciplining his disobedient wife. The same Islam that motivated him to plan with his new wife, the Muslim one, a terrorist attack and kill gays,” Christian said.

h/t: Mad World News

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