Muslim Migrant Shoplifter Brutally Attacks Store Clerk and Cops… Then Gets Pumped With LEAD! (VIDEO)

The same kind of thug behavior that we have seen in Europe is now here thanks to Barack Obama. In Kelso, Washington, a Muslim immigrant from the Sudan, Omer Ismail Ali, who was also evidently homeless, decided to shoplift. He must not have succeeded and left. The store clerk called the police, who then came and viewed footage of the incident.

While the police were there, this guy came back with a huge stick or pole of some sort. He barged in and started going after the store clerk and a customer. The police who were in the back came out and they drew their weapons. I give the leading cop a gold star for trying to subdue this nut. But that didn’t work. The guy charged the police officer with the stick and he did what he had to do… he took the guy down. Permanently. No sympathy here whatsoever for this guy.

From TheBlaze:

A Kelso, Washington, police officer fatally shot an alleged shoplifter who attacked a convenience store clerk and customer with a stick last week, according to KOIN-TV.

KOIN reported that Omer Ismail Ali, an immigrant from Sudan and a “transient” living in Spokane, Washington, allegedly attempted to shoplift at a Flying K convenience store Wednesday. Officer John Johnston was called to the store and was examining surveillance footage when Ali returned to the store.

Ali brandished a stick, assaulting the clerk and a customer, authorities said.

Johnston attempted to subdue Ali, who reportedly charged at him with the stick. Johnston then fatally shot Ali.

Cowlitz County Sheriff Mark Nelson defended Johnston’s response, telling KOIN that he was “not sure a Taser or a baton would have been an appropriate response” to the situation.

Ali was living in Spokane… a place where I have friends and family. You would never think this would happen there, but it just did. He was well-known to Kelso Police after several encounters with law enforcement in the days leading up to the shooting. There were also 2 misdemeanor warrants out for Ali from Spokane and Blaine, Washington.

On August 13th, Ali was arrested for driving with a suspended license and deputies later learned he was driving a stolen rental car. After he was released from the Cowlitz County jail on August 15th, Ali reportedly trespassed in someone’s house.

From KOIN 6:

According to the Cowlitz County Sheriff’s office, on the day of his death, August 17, Ali spoke to the deputy sergeant through the outside intercom at the jail around 12:30 a.m, then 40 minutes later, arrived at the Flying K, which is about a quarter of a mile away. He was armed with a flat board but a Kelso officer seized it.

Around 2 a.m. he was contacted again outside the jail. At 5 a.m., Ali was reported for being in the yard of a house on 4th Ave and looking in the windows.

It was around 8 a.m. that he returned to the Flying K for the third time that morning and attempted to shoplift. Officer John Johnston was called and was reviewing surveillance video in the store office when Ali began assaulting the clerk and a customer with a stick.

This was an instance where using a baton or Taser would not have been appropriate to say the least. This idiot was threatening the cop’s life and evidently had a death wish. One wonders if he was on drugs. Just another Obama success story as he plants these people across the nation.

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