Muslim Student MOB Surrounds Car, Holds University President Captive

A “terrorism” flier sparked a huge protest among Muslim students at San Diego State University, and they literally mobbed the police car that was attempting to escort university president Elliot Hirshman off campus, preventing the car from moving for about two hours.

Watch this video of mob-fest protest around the vehicle with the university president stuck inside.   More to this story follows video.   

Fliers had surfaced on campus naming seven students and claimed they “have allied themselves with Palestinian terrorists to perpetrate hatred” against Jewish students on campus.   The fliers were from the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

Hirshman sent out an email to all students, asking for civility, and while admitting that everyone had a right to make controversial statements, he questioned whether naming individual students was an effective tactic.   He was having to walk a fine line between free speech rights, and hundreds of offended Muslim students. University_San Diego State 3

The Muslim students said that wasn’t enough, and mobbed the car, preventing him from leaving campus.   They demanded he apologize for issuing an “inadequate denunciation” of a pro-Israel flyer.   Some said he should resign – because he failed to protect them from the hurtful words printed on the fliers.

“My friends are not terrorist, and if their names are being posted around campus that’s an issue of security,” one student, Jeanette Corona, told The San Diego Union Tribune. “No student should be demonized. … It’s Hirshman’s job to ensure the safety of all students on this campus.”

University_San Diego State 5

The students have started a petition calling for Hirshman’s resignation.  Currently it has 568 signatures.

The Muslim Students Association believe Hirshman failed in his role as president because he didn’t protect them from the offensive material.  They want to feel safe on campus – both physically and emotionally.


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