Muslims burn Christian Girl to death, her last 2 words are spine tingling

Christians are being systematically wiped out in the Middle East and the world just turns away as though it is not happening. It is a genocide and horrific. In Mosul, Iraq, ISIS rules brutally. If you are a Christian there, you have few options. You can flee and they will kill you anyway. You can pay the Jizya tax if you have it, but that will only put your torture and death off a bit. Or you can convert to an evil ideology to survive. But even then, they kill many of their own and your days are probably numbered. If you are a woman, death in many ways is preferable to rape and torture. A Christian woman lived alone with her daughter in Mosul. ISIS came to call, demanding the Jizya tax for not being a Muslim. She asked that she be allowed to get it for them and they decided to make an example of her. They stormed in and set the place on fire. Her young daughter was in the shower and never stood a chance. Her mother got herself and the child out, but the girl was dying from her burns. She whispered two words to her mother before leaving this world: “Forgive them.”

From Mad World News:

A group of Muslims knocked on the door of a Christian family’s home, demanding payment for their protection, in accordance with Islamic law. When the mother hesitated, the Muslims immediately entered the home and set fire to it, knowing the poor woman’s daughter was still inside. As the mother held her dying little girl in her arms, the Christian child whispered 2 unbelievable last words.

The atrocities in the Middle East are not only remnants of Islam’s bloody history, but a sinister forecast of Christianity’s future. In the birthplace of both religions, only one reigns supreme, having forcibly converted, exiled, enslaved, or slaughtered nearly all Christians, devout Muslims have turned back the hands of time, giving us a bleak look at just how cruel and masochistic the prophet Muhammad’s rule was.

One of these Muhammadan executions came at the hands of Islamic State fighters, who were going door-to-door in Mosul to collect jizya, the Quran’s crippling tax for religious minorities under Sharia law. When they arrived at one Christian woman’s home, however, they decided to make an example out of her.

The Catholic News Agency reports that Muslim militants were greeted by the owner of the home, a helpless Christian woman. When they demanded she pay Islamic jizya, she pleaded with them to give her a moment to gather the money, as her daughter who could’ve done it quicker was in the shower. Instead of allowing her to collect the religious fee, they stormed into the house and set fire to everything.

Another incident occurred when ISIS took the children of a Christian man and wife. They were desperate to get them back, but had no way to do so. They knew the fate that awaited their children and were out of their minds over it. A knock came at their door and they found a large plastic bag at their feet with a video. ISIS Jihadists had repeatedly raped and tortured the girls. They then dismembered them while still alive and delivered them back to their parents. Such are the atrocities of ISIS. All of ISIS, al Qaeda, Boko Haram, the Taliban and other sects of Islam need to be wiped from the face of the earth. Instead, leaders and others are allowing ISIS to slaughter Christians everywhere they find them. This is a universal crime and the West is complicit. The world is accepting the Caliphate and submitting to Islam while millions of Christians are annihilated. Their blood cries out for retribution.

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