Muslims Threaten… “If Donald Trump Will Be The President, We Will Leave The US”

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Among one of the countless things that Donald Trump has unjustly been accused of being racist for is his call for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration until the threat of ISIS is squashed. Apparently liberals think that Islam is a race, even though most Muslim I’ve ever met in my home-state has been white. How “progressive” to assume that every Muslim is an Arab.

Trump’s policy has been misconstrued as saying that he wants to ban Muslims from living in America, which is a gross miss-characterization of what he actually advocated for. Jimmy Carter put some restrictions on Iranian immigration when they had Americans in captivity, but no one cried “Islamophobia” in the 1970s, because liberals hadn’t yet invented such a pointless buzzword aimed at silencing dissent yet.

Also, are liberals forgetting that their most famous president, FDR, rounded up the Japanese and put them in internment camps? Trump’s Muslim ban is moderate by comparison.

Trump isn’t going to be deporting any Muslims, but they’re threatening to self-deport if he’s elected, as video reported in Hillary Daily shows:

The video is out of Dearborn, Michigan, a Muslim enslave in the US. In fact, it’s the U.S. city with the highest density of Muslims.

Many of the Muslims there were offended by the phrase “radical Islam.” Don’t they realize that we use the phrase “radical Islam” to differentiate between peaceful Muslims and those who want to kill us? Do they wish we lumped them all together?

Do you think there’s a single person interviewed in this video who can list a single policy that Trump proposed that will make life harder for Muslims in America? We live in a country where there are ten times more hate crimes against Jews than against Muslims – do we ever hear the Jews complaining about that? No, because they’re too busy being productive to politicize their victim-hood.

H/T: Freedom Daily

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