Muslims Try To Remove “Islamic Terror” From 9/11 Memorial, Giuliani KNOCKS ‘Em OUT!

In this leftist society that lows to bow down to even the slightest outrage, I’m glad we have people like Rudy Giuliani who give us arguments that not only make sense, but shut people up.

The words “Islamic Terror” have been a huge sticking point for the liberals, specifically President Obama. He has gone on record asking “what difference would it make to identify the terror as “Islamic.” Well, for one, it would give a more targeted approach to terrorism and aid in the total and utter annihilation of it. Not defining it as such is both dangerous and vague. Muslims are similarly offended and routinely ask why we must classify terror. I refer you to the points I made above.

But my opinions on the matter have less of a voice than those of Rudy Giuliani. Recently a 9/11 memorial has come under fire for using the words “Islamic Terrorists” on the monument telling everyone exactly who carried out the terror attacks. Muslims say that those words should be scrubbed from the monument because they breed hatred towards Muslims.

Giuliani’s response, as usual, is absolutely perfect.

I mean how can you counter that argument? You can’t. That’s not even an emotional response, that’s cold hard logic. To be offended by the bad seeds in you ethnic group only gives them more power and shows culpability and sympathy towards those that are bad within the group. Giuliani’s example was mafia when compared to Italians. To use a more Christian example, it’d be like scrubbing the crusades from the history books. Christians are no longer attempting to take over the world and when they were, the world was a VERY different place. Islamic terrorists are trying to take over the world, but still have the same 2000 year old ideology as those that perpetrated the crusades. The evolution of that ethnic group hasn’t happened and THAT’S why no one trusts them. It had nothing to do with identification on a monument.

Muslims believe that they are being discriminated against, I disagree. Until good Muslims come forward and denounce and help fight against Islamic terror and ISIS and all others that want to see the world burn, then the “offense” you feel is nothing but your own fault.


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