MUST WATCH – Viral Video Finally Exposes How Hillary REALLY Treats Black People

Hillary Clinton is the champion of the black community, right? Of course not. She takes their votes for granted AND demeans them by believing all black Americans want is more “free stuff.” When one young black woman dared to disagree with Hillary, the career politician’s claws came out and temporarily cracked her placating facade.

“Why don’t you go run for something then?” Hillary said in a nasty, condescending tone to the young black woman who questioned Hillary’s level of commitment to the minority community.

Hillary warmly greeted the young woman, but her smile quickly faded when the woman brought up Clinton’s “super predator” remark as young black protesters have in the recent past.

“Well, first of all, that comment was made one time. I’ve always been in favor of young people [getting more] opportunities,” Hillary said, as if the number of times career politicians slip up and honestly share their feelings has any bearing on the comment uttered.

She then tried to appease the young woman by going another route.

The former First Lady pointed out that during the early stages of her campaign, she professed to believing that racial profiling is wrong.

The Minnesota voter remained both unimpressed and undeterred in her quest to find out if the black community could count on Hillary Clinton to not flip-flop her belief system again if elected.

Hillary was quick to say it is not true that she isn’t a friend to black Americans, and she directed the young woman to take a look at her history as a proffer of her commitment.

“I don’t think that’s true. [I’ve looked] at your history and that’s not what happened,” the unidentified woman challenged again.

“I will have a very comprehensive agenda to deal with a lot of the problems” was Hillary’s career politician, doublespeak non-answer.

If Hillary Clinton cannot defend her record to a young woman in a coffee shop, she has zero chance of besting Donald Trump on a debate stage where staffers can’t come to her aid and escort the nay-sayers away.

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