Today, at 5pm, the anti-Trump crowd began to form outside the Grand Hyatt Hotel in midtown Manhattan.  The hotel is located next door to Grand Central Station, a very busy train station used by hundreds of thousands of people at rush hour.  In short, the streets were jam packed with commuters, cops, and approximately one thousand anti-Trump protesters.

By the time 6pm hit, midtown Manhattan was insane.  The anti-Trump crowd was made up of whites and blacks, Latinos and Asians, men, women, kids, elderly, and every age in between.  The noise was deafening.

There were endless anti-Trump signs.  ‘TRUMP IS HITLER’; ‘DUMP TRUMP’; ‘F_CK TRUMP’; ‘TRUMP IS A RACIST’; ‘COMMUNISM RULES’; ‘I HATE WHITE PEOPLE’; ‘STOP WHITE RACISM’; and of course there were the sea of signs reading, ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’.

There were a few pro-Trump supporters mixed in as well.  One man — a white guy in his mid 30’s — was holding a sign in favor of the 2nd Amendment.  When he walked through the crowd, the Black Lives Matter supporters hit him in the head with fists and elbows.  The man tried to fight back, but the police had to get involved.

One of the Black Lives Matter supporters was getting so rowdy that he actually fell off the podium where speakers were blaring anti-Trump rhetoric.  He fell to the concrete sidewalk, cracked his head open, and began foaming at the mouth.  I thought he was going to die right then and there.  And despite his injury, the Trump haters carried on with their speeches.  Paramedics made their way through the crowd and swept the man away into an ambulance.

Across the street from the protesters were men and women in formal dress for the black-tie GOP event where Trump would be speaking. As they inched their way through security, a group of protesters raided the Grand Hyatt, somehow getting past security.  A rush of police made their way into the hotel and arrested everyone involved.

The anti-Trump movement is gaining momentum.  There is no question this protest was much larger, and far more organized than the previous one in NYC held two weeks ago across from Trump Tower.  Tonight, it was one group after the next — all unified — all hating on Trump.  Off to the side and far less rowdy, was an anti-Trump group made up of gay men and lesbian women chanting, “Make America Gay Again.”

You can’t make this stuff up.

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