N.Y. Times Finally Admits What Trump Has Been Saying All Along!

The New York Times has admitted the press is against Donald Trump.

They say all boys grow up to be their father, and even if mine isn’t here to see it, I have. I was born in 1980 and my 1st memory of politics was the 1992 election. All I knew at that time was my dad was voting for some guy named Perot. Fast forward to this time last year, the realization my choices will once again be a Bush/Clinton began to set in. Living through the effects of NAFTA and globalization, watching it first hand destroy a state and a man, I could never vote for either. Now a year later I have my own “Perot” but this time the battlefield is even thanks to advances in technology. There’s only two types of people left in America as of today. Those who continue to believe the media’s narrative and those like myself who’ve seen or felt the effects of what Trump is up against. A global elitist juggernaut, hell bent on maintaining power even though it’s driving a majority of a nation into poverty. An unstoppable force has met an impenetrable object and this November it’s set to explode.

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