NAPOLITANO “If Hillary is NOT Indicted” FBI Agents Who have HAD ENOUGH will “LEAK THE TRUTH”

One email that Hillary Clinton failed to give the State Department could be her undoing, Judge Andrew Napolitano said on Monday.

He told “Mornings With Maria” host Maria Bartiromo that the damning email was from longtime Clinton aide Huma Abedin to Clinton, and those closest to her, informing them that they had been hacked. It also said that they were going to temporarily disable State Department security features to accommodate the then secretary of state.

The email flies in the face of Clinton’s claims that she turned over all government related email to the State Department and to her insistence that she never was hacked or put government secrets in jeopardy.

“That directly defies Mrs. Clinton’s public statements, made on numerous occasions, that she never jeopardized nation security secrets and that she was never hacked,” he said.

It can also pose a problem for Clinton because, at the insistence of U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan, she certified “under penalty of perjury” that she had turned over all government related emails.

Napolitano called the case against Clinton “overwhelming” and said that President Obama, if his Justice Department chooses not to indict her, could face a major scandal.

“If FBI agents resign and leak on the eve of the election or the eve of the DNC, does President Obama have a Watergate-like, Saturday Night Massacre on his hands?” Napolitano asked.

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