NASTY: Once You Spot What’s Wrong With This Photo Of Hillary You Will Throw Up!

This is media fraud. The Communists in Venezuela used to do this stuff. The communists in Venezuela got FAMOUS for this. They would always crop or Photoshop a crowd to make it look huge.

*** Look at this picture of a Chavez rally.


Now, let’s take a look at a Hillary Clinton rally. The leftwing media posted this photo to make this even look massive.


Look at this lame photo of a Hillary event at a victory speech at the New York primary. This is supposedly one of her most crowded events this year.


It was damn near empty.

Wooowww… That’s awful. Nice try, Hillary. Alright. Hey, Trump voters! We nee to share this right now. We cannot let Hillary get away with this. She is the devil in human form.


Let’s show the world how crooked Hillary really is. Share this right now with 3 of your friends, y’all.

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