NASTY – Secret Service Agent REFUSES To Carry Hillary’s Luggage, Her Response Was DISGUSTING

The verified stories of Hillary Clinton’s abuses of Secret Service agents and military personnel assigned to her protection detail and/or to the White House are legendary. Her words, deeds and attitude all prove her to be a snobbishly elitist individual who would look down her nose on the working and Middle Classes should she be elected President.

In a London Daily Mail article addressing Mrs. Clinton’s caustic and haughty demeanor, Caroline Howe examines the stories on two people who attended to Mrs. Clinton first hand. In depiction after depiction, Clinton proves herself to be a rude, elitist snob who finds herself above everyone else. In one instance when a Secret Service agent tasked with her protection would act as a valet, Clinton said to him, “Stay the f*ck away from me! Just f*cking do as I say,” as detailed in a book by FBI agent Gary Aldridge.

This attitude is the attitude of monarchs, not public servants. The condescending and caustic nature of Mrs. Clinton’s demeanor absolutely disqualifies her as someone who can accept any job that has “servant” in its mandate.

Those who tell the stories are people who served in the Secret Service Presidential Protection Detail during the reign of Bill Clinton. Where they spoke of Bill and Chelsea Clinton’s polite and even warm behavior toward them, not one of those in the PPD spoke kindly of Hillary Clinton.

In two of the several books written about the Clintons as a First Family, Hillary Clinton is, without fail, painted as a caustic, rude elitist who routinely abuses those who are tasked with protecting her.

In many of the accounts, Mrs. Clintons’ arrogance, rudeness and indignance seemed to have infected her young and disrespectful staff. In all accounts, mention is made about how the “youthful” White House staff treated the Secret Service and White House protective detail as “hired help.

One depiction of Mrs. Clinton as First Lady has hurling a book at the back of the head of one of the Secret Service agents driving her in the Presidential limo. She attacked the man because she suspected him of eavesdropping on her conversation. The presidential limo has a divider she could have used for privacy.

Each person writing on Hillary Clinton say she never says “please” or “thank you.” and is always rude a curt in her demeanor with her protection detail.

It is reported that Mrs. Clinton hated the Marine military guards tasked with guarding the doors of the White House with such venom that she ordered them not to wear their uniforms when she was in the White House.

These stories continue today, which active-duty Secret Service and military personnel verifying the many stories of rude and crude behavior previously reported.

This arrogant disregard for those who would lay down their lives for her is a systemic flaw in Hillary Clinton. They expose her as an arrogant snob, incapable of connecting with the every-man; thoroughly detached from the realities of everyday American life.

Clinton’s arrogance exposes that she is lying when she speaks of her concern for the Middle Class. It also explains a lot about why she thought it acceptable to throw away the lives of those pleading for rescue in Benghazi. She simply didn’t give a damn about them.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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