NBC ‘Fact-Checks’ Trump About Hillary Deleting Emails, INSTANTLY Backfires

Hillary Clinton is quick to tell everyone to “fact check” Donald Trump, having done so several times during both debates. But what good is fact checking when the fact checkers are either inept or willing to deceive? This was exactly the case with at least one fact checked statement of Donald Trump’s by NBC News.

During the debate, Donald Trump confronted Hillary Clinton with the fact she had deleted 33,000 emails after she received a congressional subpoena demanding she preserve and surrender them, and then she “acid washed” them from her server. Incredulously, NBC News issued a “fact checker” tweet to say Trump’s claim of “acid washing” was false, saying, “she did not use a corrosive chemical” to wipe her server. Social media users have now gone wild calling the news network out for its arrogance.

For years, people have be coming to understand the elites – in both politics and the mainstream media – believe the masses are ignorant dolts who will consume anything we are fed as long as it comes from one of their dedicated “news” organizations. This tweet graphic proves they really are that arrogant.

The tweet graphic was meant to prove the Republican presidential candidate a liar. The NBC News generated graphic read, “Trump said Clinton ‘acid washed’ her email server…Clinton’s team used an app called BleachBit; she did not use a corrosive chemical.”

While doubling down on its unbridled arrogance, NBC News included the text, “FACT CHECK: Trump says Clinton ‘acid washed’ her email server. She did not.” It then urged people to go to NBC’s website for more “fact checking.”

Either the creator of this graphic is intellectually stunted to the point of not knowing “acid washing,” in this context, refers to the use of BleachBit, or he or she was purposefully trying to mislead the American people. Either way, NBC News has been caught attempting to champion its preferred candidate, Hillary Clinton, by spreading false information.

The response to this blatant untruth was swift on social media with respondents both angered and amazed that a so-called news organization would either be so uneducated on the use of technology or so dishonest in its political coverage.

From comments like, “You can’t be serious,” to “What a dufus fact checker,” to “Is NBC News really that stupid,” social media users lambasted NBC fact checkers. “Really, NBC? Really? You gonna do a fact check on whether she wiped the server with a cloth next?”

The latter comment referenced Hillary Clinton’s campaign trail rhetoric regarding the information about her personal, unauthorized email server having been wiped. ABC News reported in August of last year that Clinton, talking to a crowd in Las Vegas about reports that she “wiped” her server, said, “What? Like with a cloth or something?” she asked, then laughed. “I don’t know how it works digitally at all.”

Of course, we now know, in no uncertain terms, that Clinton did know how it worked digitally. We know she was privileged to the information that the most extreme app on the market for destroying server contents was used on her server.

That NBC News would attempt to cover for this blatant lie – with another lie – is deplorable. It is a attempt to defraud the American people of the truth at a time when it matters most of all.

Going forward into November, trust no one! Fact check the fact checkers. It’s the only way the truth will come out.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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