NBC: If You Support Trump, You’re Likely Racist

Almost from the beginning of his candidacy, Donald Trump has been attacked by the mainstream press for being racist, sexist, and intolerant of non-Christians. Regardless of the truthfulness of the stories themselves, the networks seem to be pleased with the their strategy of smearing the GOP hopeful, and they’re moving on to their next target, his supporters.

NBC News has recently posted a bit of “news” that claims that Trump’s supporters are just as “racist” as the candidate himself.

The “evidence” they use is laughable: They’re white, support the enforcement of immigration law, and are concerned about their safety in the face of refugees coming from ISIS-held territories.

According to NBC, that’s all it takes.

If you support Trump, you’re likely a racist according to NBC. Apparently, they’ve got the “facts” to prove it.

Although NBC News has pumped more than a half-billion dollars into left-wing outlets like Vox and BuzzFeed, in the service of electing Hillary Clinton president, the propaganda network is not farming out all of its hit-pieces. Early Saturday morning, NBC’s Perry Bacon Jr. cooked himself up a whopper of an anti-science smear-job against Trump supporters. NBC News has looked at the poll numbers and added them up to conclude only one thing: Trump supporters are big fat racists.

This closing paragraph is what passes for clear-thinking analysis at NBC News:

Trump’s primary competitors are Carson, who is black, and Cruz and Rubio, who are both Cuban-American.

It would be interesting, if perhaps impossible, to assess if among Trump supporters, the mogul will always be a more credible messenger on immigration issues than two Latino candidates, no matter how often Cruz and Rubio say they oppose illegal immigration.

What NBC News doesn’t want its readers to know is that when you combine the support enjoyed by Carson, Rubio and Cruz, it reaches nearly 50%, and almost doubles Trump.  Add in Carly Fiorina, and you are over 50%. In other words, black, female, and Hispanic candidates are dominating the GOP field.

What passes for journalism nowadays is laughable. File this as another story written by the well known Clinton machine known as the mainstream media.

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