NBC Turns On Hillary… Exposes the REAL Email Secret She Hopes Never Gets Out

In the past few days, Hillary Clinton’s email scandal has made the headlines all over the globe after the State Department’s inspector general’s report on Clinton’s use of a private email server came out.

The Daily Caller reported that several Democrats are finally seeing the light and are starting to question Clinton’s email use in public. NBC’s political director Chuck Todd even came out questioning her use of a private email.

Todd concluded that the only reason Clinton used a private server was to avoid federal laws.

“She doesn’t have a good answer for these emails,” Todd told Andrea Mitchell, his colleague, during a political chat on air.

Clinton has bounced back and forth in responding to this email controversy, claiming that there was no FBI investigation (when in fact there is), and saying she did nothing wrong, despite the pile of evidence to the contrary.

Clinton stated that she didn’t want her emails made accessible to the public because she didn’t want any personal correspondence to be read by half of America.

“Nobody wants their personal emails made public. That is, I think, a very common, if not unanimous, feeling among people,” she explained.

The normally liberal-leaning Todd wasn’t buying it, and stated that it is his conclusion that Clinton used a private server to avoid federal regulations.

“Convenience isn’t it, because it’s not a convenient thing to have a server in your house. No, it’s making it so that it’s outside the reach of the federal records law. You cannot look at it any other way. That’s the only logical reason to do it,” he stated.

While this “admission” by Todd is nothing new (Republicans have been saying this for years), it is important that Democrats are finally starting to admit this in the open.

The longer this email scandal goes on, the more damage it will do to Clinton in a general election, virtually ensuring that Donald Trump will win the White House and put America back on course.

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