NC Brothers Who Support Trump; “If He’s Racist, Give Us Cold Hard Facts, We’re Waiting”

The mainstream media has been allowing ignorant pundits and so-called experts to be interviewed on TV who maliciously blurt how “Donald Trump is racist!” They do this to carry their narrative and hurt Trump’s real message of fixing America where the politicians have screwed it up. Today’s youth are born into the world of liberal leadership thinking and believing they have no responsibility, no accountability so they can say whatever they want, whenever they want.

Every day, more and more minorities are flocking to Youtube to explain why they are supporting Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton. That’s a huge turnaround from Mitt Romney back in 2012, don’t you agree?

This is a great video and should be share. These two young men have most definitely captured the right message using common sense to come to a conclusion that is based on fact and not liberal propaganda.

What did you think about this young men? This was a great video who called out those who want to label Trump as racist do you agree?

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