New Confidential Memo Just Leaked Reveals HUGE Move Trump’s Campaign Is Making

As part of his effort to amass a strong enough coalition to storm the ballot boxes of America on Election Day, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is forming what is being called the Trump Leadership Council that includes lobbying groups, business leaders, and strategists.

Existence of the group was first reported by The Daily Beast. The Hill later obtained what it called a confidential document about the project.

The group, which met Thursday at Trump Tower in New York City, appears to be designed to give the Trump campaign insight from various sectors of the economy.

The document obtained by The Hill said the council would provide Trump with comments from key business sectors such as technology, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, defense, commerce/trade/regulation, finance/banking, transportation, agriculture, and immigration/homeland security.

Each sector is asked to write its top three “clearly defined challenges,” “proposed solutions,” and a “summary of targeted results.”

Representatives from the Aerospace Industries Association and defense company Boeing attended a recent Trump Tower gathering. Both said in statements that they have briefed candidates in both parties.

“We were asked to participate and we will have a representative there,” Boeing spokesman Gordon Johndroe said. “We interact with campaigns of both parties up and down the ballot to provide them our views on issues that impact our business and employees.”

The document obtained by The Hill made it clear Trump wanted private input, not public support.

“TLC team membership can be a public or private matter. It is up to the individual. If a team member wants to be named, or participate without publicity, it is entirely their choice,” the document said. “In the digital age, there is never a guarantee of anonymity. However, TLC will do its utmost to empower team members to participate in whatever fashion best suits their preferences.”

h/t: The Hill

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